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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

A note from John Finn

I wrote to John about the publication of Invisible Men, and in his reply, he sent some remarks that he asked me to post for those who followed him online:

About the Book

I read the book that [JS] wrote based on the entries from my old blog, and am satisfied that he represented the stories faithfully.    I no longer have the contents to do a side-by-side comparison, but in reading the book I didn’t come across anything to upset me or feel that he had taken liberties with the material I had given him.  
One exception is that he condensed some of the material and shuffled dates around.   My blog had become tedious and self-obsessed in the last couple of years, too much mundane detail about my travels and business dealings, which is one of the main reasons I abandoned it.   The facts are there, but the timeline is not what it originally was.   It seems better that way.  

Where Is John Now?

I mentioned to John a number of comments that were made to the blog after he had abandoned it – seems he had a handful of followers who were genuinely concerned about what had become of him.   To them, he writes:
I am flattered and humbled by the number of people who remember me and wish me well – these friends whom I’ve never met are more concerned and compassionate than the vast majority of people I’ve known in real life.   I wish I had known you better.
After pulling up my stakes, I drifted for a few years – I had made a small fortune in real estate before the market crashed, and even after the crash I had enough to keep me going for quite a long time.    
After bumbling about for a few years, I settled in the Midwest.   I’m married now with three children, working a mundane job, and have blended into the scenery of the American middle class.   It’s a boring life, and I like it that way.
He’s shared with me his diaries from the travelling he did – a few weird bits, typical John Finn, but I don’t have the sense that there’s quite enough to warrant putting out a second book.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Invisible Men

With John's permission, I have cobbled together some of the content of the old "Curdled" blog into a collection of stories, which is available on Amazon:

This is more in the nature of a labor of love than a commercial endeavor, as I don't expect this will "sell" more than a dozen copies, but there it is for those who might be interested.